Focus points


At airports, passenger and freight flows can be accelerated and qualitatively improved by digitalisation. Digital innovation is related to the systematic use of big data, artificial intelligence, smart contracts, and autonomous airport innovations, in conjunction with current systems and collaborative decision-making systems. How will digitalization contribute to evolving this industry?​

Drivers to

The aviation sector faces enormous decarbonisation challenges due to a lack of market-ready zero-emission technologies with long development times and investments. A credible environmental footprint strategy includes reducing emissions through renewable fleets, fuel efficiency, circular economy, the implementation of revolutionary aircraft propulsions and changing network strategies.​


The level of traffic is depending on growth capacity constraints, collaboration, sustainability, human capital and legalisations. A change in business models is obligated to maintain aviation in society. What are the transitions driver to accommodate growth whilst taking into account decarbonisation and innovation effects on the industry?​