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The Journey Of Transition

Challenges in hybrid operations​

Discovering the opportunities and challenges in aviation operations on the road to 2035, by focusing on the combination of the traditional way and potential innovations. Empowering the transition!​

Focus points

The 18th Aviation Management Conference, organized by young professionals, provides insights into motion towards hybrid aviation operations with the upcoming innovations. The conference will showcase the opportunities and challenges in hybrid processes, considering improvements made by digitalisation, drivers towards sustainability, growth accommodation, and stimulation of collaboration. During this valuable event, multiple speakers will showcase new insights about the essential actions in the roadmap to 2035 for the future growth of aviation. It is a unique conference encompassing facets about the steps required to take by 2035 in order to reach the challenging net-zero emission targets for 2050.


Accelerate Digitalisation by AI, CDM, Big Data, Smart Contracts, etc.
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Drivers to Sustainability​

Decarbonisation roadmap & challenges accompanying with innovations
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Growth Accommodation​​

Growth Analysis considering capacity constraints, collaborations, sustainability, and human capital.
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The 18th Aviation Management Conference will take place on the 11th of January in 2023.

The conference will be held at the Scarabee Aviation Group Hoeksteen 131 Hoofddorp.

This year's conference is to discover the opportunities and challenges in aviation operations on the road to 2035, by focusing on the coherence of present processes with potential innovations.

A team of 14 Aviation Honours Management students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences are organizing this year's conference.

The 18th Aviation Management conference will be held between 10:00 and 17:00 on the 11th of January. Keep an eye on the website, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook for the official conference schedule.

No unfortunately tickets for our conference are not refundable. For capacity purposes, you can notify us about your absence by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Yes, you can do this by sending an e-mail to [email protected] Following this e-mail, we will ask you to provide some information about yourself and the new ticket holder.

No, if you want to buy more than one ticket, please contact [email protected]

Yes, but there are limited parking possibilities. It is therefore recommended to use public transport for attending the conference.