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Experience the Future of Aviation with Dimitri Croes at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

We are thrilled to introduce Dimitri Croes as a distinguished speaker at our upcoming conference. Join us as he shares his groundbreaking insights into the implementation of AI innovation in aviation.

Dimitri will captivate the audience with his talk on utilizing machine learning and AI to detect contrails. Discover the development of a cost-effective sky camera system designed to detect contrails and various meteorological phenomena. Get a glimpse into the future of Air Traffic Management (ATM) and AI, as Dimitri unveils the possibilities that lie ahead.

But that's not all – seize the opportunity to engage with Dimitri during workshops and live demos throughout coffee breaks and lunchtime. Don't miss your chance to be at the forefront of aviation innovation and AI transformation.

Secure your tickets now and mark your calendar for January 10th. Join us for a day of cutting-edge insights and be part of the revolution in the Aviation Industry

Partnership Announcement!

The 19th Aviation managment conference proudly presents our partner: Zaankracht Schiphol!

Zaankracht Schiphol is the employment agency at Schiphol for (side)jobs in aviation. Are you a student looking for a (new) job working close to the planes? Then be sure to take a look at

Great to have you on board, Zaankracht Schiphol 🛫

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The 19th Aviation managment conference proudly presents our partner: The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 

Great to have you on board, The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 🛫

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At SITA, we design, build, and support technology solutions all with one vision to create easy air travel every step of the way. As an organization, we cover 95% of all international air travel destinations and work with over 2,800 air transport and government customers in every corner of the globe 

Our Portfolios: 

  • SITA AT Airports: We’re enabling safer passage through the airport, giving passengers a contactless experience—thanks to mobile, biometrics and personal guidance. 
  • SITA AT Borders: Helps to modernize border security and ensures governments have the right information, at the right time, in the right place to make informed decisions. 
  • SITA For Aircrafts: We enable digital transformation for over 400 customers and across 18,000 commercial aircraft, together with more than 90 air navigation service providers. 

 Life At SITA: SITA is a place of change and constant improvement, where we're always pushing ourselves to find better ways of doing things: smarter, quicker, easier, for us and our customers and for their customers too. 

Social Media links 

Great to have you on board, SITA🛫

Experience the Future of Aviation with Keynote Bruno Fabre Flying Artificial Intelligence at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

Welcome to a ground-breaking keynote that takes us into the realm where aviation and Artificial Intelligence converge. Since time immemorial, humans have dreamed of accessing the sky, and aviation has not just opened doors but granted us wings to pursue those dreams. Our journey has been remarkable, from the early flights to reaching out to the stars. Visionaries like Elon Musk are now setting the pace for the extraordinary inhabitancy of Mars, while turbine-mounted suits, once a of imagination, are becoming a reality for both armies and civilians. Space travel is evolving into a new luxury journey, accessible to the wealthiest adventurers.

This extraordinary journey would have been impossible without significant advancements in our technological capabilities. Now, as Artificial Intelligence joins our search, it is revolutionizing both space exploration and aviation. This fusion prompts us to wonder how our industries will transform and how our habits as humans will evolve. Mobility has always been crucial to our species, yet we now face the pressing challenge of balancing this with

the impact we have on our habitat, our Earth. As we launch ourselves into the odyssey of our upcoming future, we are delighted to introduce Tech Philosopher and the author of "Homo Sublima," Ir Bruno Fabre MCA. His insights guide us through this exploration of how AI is reshaping the aviation landscape. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts and prepare for an enlightening and surprising journey.

Experience the Future of Aviation with Renée van Holsteijn at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

With a passion for artificial intelligence (AI) that took off in 2022, AI speaker Renée van Holsteijn distinguishes herself by converting her extensive knowledge into energetic, captivating talks and hands-on masterclasses. She elevates your understanding of a wide range of AI topics, from creativity to ethics and from Midjourney to ChatGPT, making these subjects accessible and understandable for her audience.
In this session, she pilots the attendees on a flight through 'generative AI': How do large international and national brands utilize AI tools to generate unique content? Countless examples soar by, serving as fuel for your creative mind

Partnership Announcement!

Our World of Security: From Schiphol to Japan

We are I-SEC, specialists in airport security and high-risk security. We are part of an international organization. Our colleagues work in Germany, Spain, and even in Japan! 

Since 2007, we have been active in the Netherlands and have grown to become one of the largest security companies at Schiphol. Additionally, we secure various high-risk environments such as nuclear power plants and data centers. 

Our success? For us, our colleagues come first. We enjoy our work and respect the rules. We believe that motivated colleagues can make a positive impact every day.

Great to have you on board, I-SEC 🛫

Partnership Announcement!

KLM Catering Services provides and enhances inflight catering for airlines. By striving for the highest degree of service, reliability, and innovation, we have now become one of the five largest airline caterers in Europe

Great to have you on board, KLM Catering Services 🛫

Partnership Announcement!

To70 is a world leading aviation consultancy providing research and advisory services to the global aviation community. Founded in The Netherlands in 2000, we now have a global team of experts based in a network of offices in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. Our mission is to help society and industry address current and future aviation challenges by delivering outstanding, independent consultancy services and research. Our strength is in our ability to understand the local context of our clients challenges and provide global experience to identify effective and pragmatic solutions. Our team has significant experience in airspace and airport operations that helps us understand the operational goals and challenges of our clients.

Great to have you on board, To 70🛫

Experience the Future of Aviation with Jeffrey Schäfer at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

Jeffrey will present about how Schiphol applies Artificial Intelligence to the turnaround and aircraft handling process, with DeepTurnaround. During the presentation, he will discuss its contribution to process automation, increased predictability, on-time performance, and safety, thereby reducing workload as well.

Partnership Announcement!

The 19th Aviation managment conference proudly presents our partner: Aviation For All

Great to have you on board, Aviation For All 🛫

Partnership Announcement!

The 19th Aviation managment conference proudly presents our partner: CHC

CHC Helicopters Netherlands BV (CHC) is a helicopter company with 120 employees, operating from Den Helder Airport. CHC's core task is the transportation of passengers to offshore locations in the North Sea. The company's headquarters are located in America. Globally, CHC Helicopter operates in nearly 30 countries and transports almost two million passengers annually to their workplace.

Great to have you on board, CHC 🛫

Partnership Announcement!

The 19th Aviation managment conference proudly presents our partner: ILT

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is the supervisory body of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. With 1,600 employees, ILT works daily to ensure safety, trust, and sustainability in transport, infrastructure, the environment, and housing. The task of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) is to ensure that companies, organizations, and government agencies comply with laws and regulations related to sustainable living environments, physical safety, and the housing corporation sector. ILT promotes compliance with laws and regulations through permit issuance, enforcement (service, supervision, and investigation), and conducting research.

Great to have you on board, ILT🛫

Experience the Future of Aviation with Asteris Apostolidis at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

Asteris is currently appointed as a Lead for Technical innovation at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. He has worked for airlines, academic institutes, and aircraft manufacturers. He is dealing with the technical and strategic problematics of aircraft systems and airline processes. Asteris is an expert in engineering simulation, and he specializes in Data Exchange for Safety-critical Applications and AI for Aviation Sustainability. He is a member of several institutional, industrial, and academic experts’ groups, such as the SAE G-34 (AI in Aviation), where he co-chaired the Data Management and Machine Learning Design subgroups, the Independent Data Consortium for Aviation (IDCA), a technical expert for the European Commission, as well as an Advisory Board member for Horizon Europe and national research projects.

Experience the Future of Aviation with Lea Vink at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

Lea Sophie Vink is the Head of Human Performance (HP) and Human Factors (HF) at Austro Control, the air navigation service provider of Austria. Within this role, she is responsible for the strategy and implementation of measures to increase HP and minimise human error as well as psychological support to the air navigation services operation.

The presentation will focus on demonstrating the power of a set of predictive algorithms that takes objective system data from controller working positions and performs real-time analysis to demonstrate computational human performance metrics. The presentation will show a case study of 10 safety incidents known as ‘overloads’ during the Austrian summer of 2023.

Experience the Future of Aviation with Michelle Dieter at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

Michelle is innovation lead, at Boeing, in Autonomy & Reduced Crew Operations. Artificial Intelligence based methods have the potential to support pilots and cabin crew in their daily work. This presentation will give an overview of possible use cases, opportunities and their challenges in the implementation in flight operations.

Partnership Announcement!

The 19th Aviation managment conference proudly presents our partner: LVNL

LVNL has been a crucial component of the Dutch airspace for almost a hundred years. We ensure 24/7 safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious handling of air traffic at airports and in the airspace.

The Dutch airspace is among the busiest and most complex in the world. Despite its small domestic market in Europe and globally, Schiphol is a significant player in terms of the number of flights, passengers, and cargo. The enormous flow of incoming and outgoing aircraft is safely and efficiently directed to and from Schiphol and regional airports in the Netherlands every day. 

Great to have you on board, LVNL 🛫

Experience the Future of Aviation with Ronald van Gent at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

AI as certification assistent.

Certification within aviation can be a long, costly and tedious effort. Present AI technology could enhance the proces by assisting in some of the most time consuming tasks:

• Information and Guidance: Provide detailed information on specific regulatory requirements and technical standards.

• Risk Assessment Assistance: Help in developing a framework for risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

• Documentation Support: Offer guidance on preparing technical and operational documentation for submission.

• Updates on Regulatory Changes: Keep you informed about any updates or changes in drone regulations that might affect your operations.

This talk will discuss some of the issues at hand and will give a brief introduction in how AI could be a game changer for certification.

Experience the Future of Aviation with Femke Lettinga at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

This presentation explores the impact of AI within Aviation Security operations, highlighting AI’s diverse forms and profound impact on aviation security processes and the human factor. We take a deep dive into the changes innovation brings to aviation security processes and the changing interaction between technology and the human factor this transformative journey.

Experience the Future of Aviation withVolkert Paap at the 19th Aviation Management Conference!

Proudly we present Volkert Paap as a speaker for our conference. At KLM, we want to be a leader and a Frontrunner. “Creating memorable experiences on the planet we care for” is our purpose. To achieve this, we have a vision on how we see KLM in the future and one of the main pillars is technical advancement. In this story we’re going to dive into the challenges KLM has in the operations and take a specific example of what it takes for a captain to create a flight plan for the flight to Los Angeles. If you want to know what it takes and how you can help the captain to fly his plane better, efficiently, and safer in the future. This is the place to be.