17th aviation management conference


Here you will find information regarding the team behind the 17th Aviation Management Conference.

Meet the Team

The 17th Aviation Management Conference is organised and hosted by thirteen students of the Aviation Honours Management program at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. 

During this intensive program, students are provided with challenging education in research, industry knowledge and personal development. Organising and hosting the conference is the ultimate challenge in which the teams applies all these aspects. 

During the conference perspectives of young professionals are shared with participants in order to inspire and inform them about the future of aviation.  

Our Team

The 17th Aviation Management Conference is proudly hosted and organised by the following team members

Arjen Wagemaker


Myra van der Zwan

Vice chairwoman

Daan Voorhoeve


Emiel Meels


Brent Schrander


Thomas Nibbering


Bram Langeveld


Raies Moesafier

logistics organiser

Dhimas de Vries

logistics organiser

Marvin de Bruin

Logistics organiser

Joey Kleijweg

logistics organiser

Tom Sluijk

Financial controller

Elisabeth Veraksits