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LVNL has been a crucial component of the Dutch airspace for almost a hundred years. We ensure 24/7 safe, efficient, and environmentally conscious handling of air traffic at airports and in the airspace.

The Dutch airspace is among the busiest and most complex in the world. Despite its small domestic market in Europe and globally, Schiphol is a significant player in terms of the number of flights, passengers, and cargo. The enormous flow of incoming and outgoing aircraft is safely and efficiently directed to and from Schiphol and regional airports in the Netherlands every day.  

Platinum Sponsor: SITA

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At SITA, we design, build, and support technology solutions all with one vision to create easy air travel every step of the way. As an organization, we cover 95% of all international air travel destinations and work with over 2,800 air transport and government customers in every corner of the globe 

Our Portfolios: 

  • SITA AT Airports: We’re enabling safer passage through the airport, giving passengers a contactless experience—thanks to mobile, biometrics and personal guidance. 
  • SITA AT Borders: Helps to modernize border security and ensures governments have the right information, at the right time, in the right place to make informed decisions. 
  • SITA For Aircrafts: We enable digital transformation for over 400 customers and across 18,000 commercial aircraft, together with more than 90 air navigation service providers. 

 Life At SITA: SITA is a place of change and constant improvement, where we’re always pushing ourselves to find better ways of doing things: smarter, quicker, easier, for us and our customers and for their customers too. 

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Platinum Sponsor: KLM Catering Services Schiphol

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KLM Catering Services provides and enhances inflight catering for airlines. By striving for the highest degree of service, reliability, and innovation, we have now become one of the five largest airline caterers in Europe.


Platinum Sponsor: HVA

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The 19th Aviation managment conference proudly presents our partner: The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 

Great to have you on board, The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences  🛫